The Roving Magic Show, also known as Close Up Magic, will have spectators witnessing magic from only two feet away! An intimate style of entertainment, this is the ideal icebreaker for any event!

Adam Dean will walk through the audience either table to table or group to group, displaying various sleight of hand skills.  These include cards, coins, borrowed objects, appearances, vanishes and levitation! All the magic occurs within two feet from your eyes.

This style is perfect for “meet and greets”. As your guests arrive, it sets the mood for one of Adam Dean’s spectacular stage shows.  This forces the excitement value of your event; not only during  the stage show but for your entire event. 

People naturally want to be amazed by something they have never seen before and now your event can be one of those things. If your event has your audience standing for pre-dinner drinks or is a cocktail style function, this show option provides the perfect setting for  amazing, close-up style entertainment.