Helping those in need!

Adam Dean has helped many charities raise money for their causes.

The world needs help, people are in need of assistance. Adam Dean understands this more than most!  His father suffers from Diabetes, Uncle has Parkinsons, Grandmother died of Motor Neuron Disease. Everyone has people that are close to them that are suffering or have suffered. Everyone can do their bit to help out!

Some of the charities that Adam Dean’s show has helped raise money for include:

Glen McGrath Foundation, Diabetes Australia, Variety Childrens Foundation, Camp Quality, Starlight Foundation, Westmead Childrens Hostpital, Pink for Life and Stewart House

"It was a real pleasure meeting and touring with you to the Solomon's, you truly are magic brother, loved watching you during our visit to the community event and seeing putting great big smiles on the faces of everyone, especially with the children, seeing you break down the barriers of colour, race and age was most exciting to watch. You my friend worked miracle by your gift so well, and you do it with a happy heart. Beautiful to watch and experience."

Adrian Ross, Fellow Entertainer on the Tour De Force - Solomon Islands
Adam Dean with Tahir and Rob Shehadie